Canaan Valley Institute Research and Education Center Achieves LEED™ Silver Certification

March 31, 2011

Canaan Valley Institute (CVI) Research and Education Center has achieved LEED™ Silver certification. CVI’s new 28,866 square feet headquarters and education facility located in Davis, West Virginia serves as a center for research into water and wastewater issues. In accordance with their mission of improving the environment by improving water quality, Omni Associates was commissioned to develop a “green” building that demonstrates environmentally friendly systems to visitors and its users. The $8 million facility utilizes a number of “green” technologies, including a Living Machine system, a wastewater treatment system that uses plants and soils to clean the wastewater. Other “green” features include natural lighting and ventilation, a green roof, composting toilets, and rain water collection ponds.

The building was designed to blend with the existing landscape and utilize locally sourced, recycled, and sustainable construction materials as well as building design technologies that substantially improve indoor air quality. The building houses several research and training laboratories, outdoor classrooms, a computer lab, office space and a 150 seat conference room. It is among the first conference facilities in West Virginia to achieve Silver LEED™ Certification.